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Midwest USSSA Baseball

Welcome to the new home of Illinois USSSA Baseball
Illinois USSSA Baseball is a member of Midwest USSSA Baseball

Why Play Midwest USSSA Baseball?


  • Centralized USSSA support for players, families, coaches and Directors

  • Consistent team classification between states

  • Largest network of youth baseball teams and players in the Midwest

  • More opportunity to play in local, state and regional events

  • Partnered with the best facilities and directors in the Midwest

  • State and Regional USSSA point races


2022 Season

  • 2022 season starts August 1, 2021

  • Teams must register with USSSA for the 2022 season to participate in 2022 events

2022 Year Start Team Classifications

  • Any Illinois Team reforming from the 2021 season must start the 2022 season in the same classification (or higher) they finished the 2021 season unless otherwise noted in the 2022 Illinois Year Start Classification.

2022 Illinois Year Start Classifications


2022 Illinois USSSA Points Race

USSSA Baseball is awarding the top Illinois USSSA Baseball teams who have earned the most USSSA Points during the 2022 season.

State Points Race Awards:

The team in each division with the most points in Illinois will receive:

Individual 2022 Illinois USSSA State Point Championship Rings

2022 Illinois Points Race Information

2022 Illinois USSSA State Tournament

The 2022 Illinois USSSA State Tournament dates and facilities will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

Please check back soon as more information will be available.

Manager and Coach Background Check

Background checks are required for manager and coaches

who appear on USSSA rosters.

USSSA Criminal Background Information

The cost of the background check is $13.50. Background checks must be submitted and cleared  prior to entering a USSSA event.  Managers must allow ample time to have the background check cleared.  Please do not wait until the week of an event to take background check. 

We are experiencing delays in our background check process across the country due to a variety of factors. All coaches should plan accordingly and request your background check early. If you submit a fully completed, error-free background check application on or before Monday we expect that you will be cleared to play the upcoming weekend. In the event your background check report experiences delays and is not finalized by our background check partner in a timely fashion, your manager account will be moved to conditionally approved allowing you to gain access to our platforms, build your roster and participate in events. However, clearance is not guaranteed, so we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

​​Guest Player Program

  • USSSA Baseball has created a guest player program which will allow teams to add up to 3 players to their USSSA roster for a weekend event.

  • Starting September 9, 2020, all USSSA baseball players will only be allowed on a single team’s USSSA roster.

  • This means that even before the freeze date of 5/1/2021, all baseball players must be on only one team’s roster.

  • Teams may elect to add and drop players according to the USSSA Baseball rules, or they may elect to pick up players for a weekend as a guest player.

  • For guidelines and help documents regarding the guest player, please visit


USSSA Guest Player Program Information


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Bob Egr
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Wally Fortuna



Bob  Egr
515-528-2045 Ext 301

Danny Kern
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Wally Fortuna

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Ken Dirks


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